Super Pixel Racers review: Catching a drift.

I won a code for Super Pixel Racers through the publisher’s Twitter account. I knew nothing about the game, but I figured it would be something neat to have on my PS4. Turns out, it is pretty neat. So, lucky me. Super Pixel Racers is a rally racing game with a viewpoint somewhere between isometric and top-down where you race, race some more, and race a little more after that. So if you’re looking to something called “Super Pixel Racers” for… I don’t know, an open world baking simulator, you’re out of luck. However, if you’re into quick, simple racing games with slick pixel art, look no further.

There are nine different groups of races to choose from: C, C Plus, B, B Plus, A, A Plus, and three different grades of cups. The six different classes have you partake in drift challenges, destruction rallies, and good old-fashioned races, all taking place on a solid variety of tracks. Okay, most of them are either normal or dirt tracks without many obvious obstacles aside from sharper turns, but they’re each still fun and challenging, making it feel rewarding when you manage to glide through one at high speeds while racing eleven other drivers. No matter how tricky some of them may seem, the controls all make this easily approachable. Just direct the car with the analog stick, drift with one button, and boost with the other. That’s all. Drift to build up boost meter, boost past everyone (or into everyone if you’re playing a destruction derby), and win as many races as possible.

Winning races gives you money, which can be used to buy more cars for each class along with upgrading the four stats of speed, acceleration, durability, and boost. You can also buy new cars that each have different stats for use in that class. Whenever you upgrade a stat, it makes a clear difference in how your car handles with each race, making it rewarding to replay races and fully outfit my favorite cars. Then again, the racing is just fun, so I kept replaying races even when I didn’t need money. Super Pixel Racers nails the sense of gritty resistance expected from a rally racer with trails of smoke and bits of gravel appearing as I drift around turns. It’s certainly neat to see, given the lovely pixel art and sound design. Even the little LEGO-esque racing fans around the track are charming, with their two-frame animations and tiny signs.

Honestly, I don’t have many complaints about the game. That may be due to the fact that simple games like this don’t really have much going on, so I can recommend them if they just do well at the few things they aim to accomplish. Super Pixel Racers certainly does, so there you go. [5/7]


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